Why do old white men like to hurt women so much?

Is it because they’re afraid of women? They fear being humbled by women who are often thoughtful, wise, and brilliant in a way that men often aren’t?

Or is it because they hate being “assigned” to women by the ideology in which they grew up? Many closeted gay/bi men act like misogynists until they can finally come out and admit who they are and what they want, at which point the reactionary fuel evaporates, and they can be themselves and even kind to others. All others!

Years ago, I heard that the word “gay” acquired its current meaning about men who love and are attracted to men, from the fact that gay men seemed happier in life than their heterosexual counterparts. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of these hateful old fearmongers could come out of the closet, realize who they are and why they’re such assholes, and then just be real humans from that moment on?

Think I’m making up the change I’d love to see? I’m straight (but not narrow), and I sure used to hate MYself. Once I made peace with my own flaws and failings, I was almost immediately able to do better, and my whole life has improved as a result. Read about that change here.

So if Lindsey Graham wants to “unite Republicans” before midterms, how about a plan that doesn’t just hate on and lead directly to the deaths of women and girls in this country? How about something that HELPS people NOW instead of using the idea of potential future humans as a hammer to smash down people everywhere?

Plenty of Democrats in this country are working to actively help people do better. A rising tide lifts all boats, as even Reagan pretended to believe back in his heyday. Curious how the gospel of prosperity that Republicans today preach doesn’t include anyone but their immediate cronies, most of whom are old white men and the few others who enable them to get a large piece of a very small pie.

Meanwhile, “liberal” thinkers (you know that means “free” thinkers, right? Don’t we all love FREEDOM here?) are in the metaphorical kitchen making more pie. That is to say, coming up with real solutions to help ALL people in this country. Let’s have more of those free thinkers in office, regardless of any political affiliation. Because that kind of leadership would do a lot of REAL good for everyone, right now.

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