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See below for details on some of the services I can provide.

Contract Review

Contract review gets me into “flow”, the most efficient state of creative or analytical work. I love reading what people are asking for and requiring, and thinking of how that affects the reader. For that reason, I offer consulting services for contract review on an individual basis, to review something you are considering signing, and the same review on a business level, where I look for red flags in a company’s contract that will cost them business or open them up to dangerous litigation later.

Individual review: Curious what this clause means for you? Need to know what they’re really trying to say in one part? You can even include the simple items in your contact form for faster turnaround. Want an English-language summary of the whole contract before you agree to its terms? Overall impact to your situation? I can help you understand each of these, too.

Business review, for your own contracts or those presented to your company: Are all written references intact, or does it mention something that is not immediately available? Are there loopholes in the wording that leave either company open to loss or extreme risk? Clauses that are legally unenforceable? Is there an alarming requirement that will scare away potential clients? Anything unreasonable or overly demanding?

Please note that I am not and have never been an attorney, and that no representation is made that any advice I provide is intended as legal counsel; I am a consultant and a guide to help you make the best decisions, now and in your future dealings with similar situations.

Copy Writing, Copy Editing, and Storytelling

Whether you need copy for general consumers, or B2B copy for business buyers, I can help you tell your story effectively. Tell me a bit about what product you are selling, what service you provide, or just who you are and what drives you. If you already know your market, that is ideal; if not, we can discuss full-on consulting to help with that as well.

Quick to learn about new items and features, and able to explain why someone needs them, I will provide you with content that educates and sells your target audience on whatever you produce or provide. Whether you need a brochure, a white paper, a blog post, website copy, a bio for yourself, or anything else, let’s start a conversation today that will help improve your business now.

Technical Writing and Editing

Workflows, software, manufacturing, user manuals – all of this is in the wheelhouse of technical writing, or of updating your existing materials.


Finding information, collecting and curating discoveries, and gathering general historical details; let me know what you are looking for, and I will see where we can find evidence that supports it… or disproves it. Research deals with truth, after all, and whatever we find will help you determine your next steps forward.


Do you need stock photos, or pictures of a specific location? As an experienced landscape and architectural photographer, I can provide singular pictures of the location you need, or even a set of photos to compose a walkthrough of a park, a building, or a cityscape.

Other Services

What else would you like to know? How can I help you do better? Let’s talk today!