I wanted to write a piece about friendship and the shifting currents of our lives, but when I sought out a writing credit for the line about a reason, a season, or a lifetime, I found several copies of the poem (though only one even mentioned the apparent author Iyanla Vansandt) and a handful of other pieces that said almost everything I wanted to say about this already. See “Further Reading” below if you’d like to read some of them.

So if you’re reading this, and we are now or have ever been friends, please know that I’m grateful for you and for the time that we’ve been able to share, and hopefully will share again.


Further Reading:

Don’t hold yourself back for friends.

Two of the memes on this page are perfect.

I met a colleague years ago who later became a dear friend. We mentored each other for a time first.

This writer had lots of good reflections on friendship, especially the part about richness and depth.

And while I do believe in the power of synchronicity, I believe that our choices and actions carry more weight. This is an excellent musing on what it means to one person, and it resonated with me, too.

Finally, because I believe in sourcing my discoveries as best I can, the comments after this post helped me locate Iyanla’s name, a prolific author and speaker in her own right. Whoever first gave Drew credit for her now-famous poem, I don’t know. But if you know which book she contributed it to, please comment or message me the title; I’d like to update credit here, but most of all, I’d love to read it myself!

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