Small changes do add up to big results, on foot or on wheels. Here’s a surprising parallel!

Think of a car. If you stop driving for a week (if you fast or eat very little), of course you’ll see a drop in your fuel budget (your weight).

But if you start using a more appropriate fuel for your vehicle’s needs (you eat healthier or more balanced meals) and you drive more efficiently and carefully (like moving gently but steadily), you will see a smaller change in the first week/month/year, but it will build into a better change over time, for your engine and tires or your body and mind.

Moreover, human bodies can recondition themselves to even greater efficiency with the same small changes:

This is a simple graph of performance rising gently, with improvement gradually increasing over time, versus a flat level of performance with no changes. Linear additions can yield improving growth, as this blue line shows, rising gently away from the red line, which is constant over time and never changes.
Linear additions can yield improving growth for your body, though maybe not for your car.

…whereas a vehicle may only show the same, more-limited levels of improvement over time. And while that’s still helpful, your human self is even a step ahead of this analogy.

Want to make a small change now for bigger results later? Start where you are, keep it up when you can, and be patient. If you’re careful and you pay attention, it’ll start to add up for you both.

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